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This hot weather has brought it with it many challenges and at the risk of sounding a little grumpy – the worst has been water bombs.  The water bomb fight is the most epic of fights with siblings/friends in hot weather.  When on site I enjoy the shrieks of laughter as children are left to their own devices attacking each other and getting steadily drenched – I mean what a fabulous way of keeping everyone entertained in this heat! and yet the debris that gets left behind is a fiddly and rather boring clean up job not to mention the one use plastic now in tiny bits melting slowly into the grass…….. am I sounding grumpy?!


But then – I discovered a Watersplat – the reusable plastic free alternative.  The wonderful Katherine was crocheting watersplats locally and I had found her – rejoice – the grump was over.  Now I get to watch the kids having the most incredible water fight knowing that the only damage is water (and everything needs water at the minute)!  They are the most fabulous reusable water bomb that goes in the washing machine – what is there not to like ….


In Katherine’s words – here she introducing her wonderful product:

“Like many, I was recently made aware of the severe damage single-use plastic is having on our environment. As a mum, I have been looking for ways to make changes with products I use.  I liked the concept of reusable water balloons, made from a thick polyester that is soft and absorbent. Not only are they a non-messy and eco alternative to the plastic ones, they are fun for younger children to enjoy. I’m not sure my daughter would have enjoyed a plastic balloon fight with them bursting on her all the time!

The reusable watersplats can be soaked in a bucket of water or pool, and used repeatedly as a fun, plastic free way to cool down on a hot day. They can be enjoyed by little and big kids alike. They have been handmade in a range of bright colours, and are great for taking on holiday or to a garden party.”


As soon as the watersplat was found, it was on site.  We have 5 that you can try out and packets of 2 are available to buy in the campsite or via the website www.grannystitchfriends.etsy.com for just £10.   They have been selling very well, join the watersplat revolution and enjoy this fabulous summer weather.