Holden Farm

owlThe farm is a 700 acre predominantly arable farm. We grow crops including wheat, barley, oilseed rape, linseed and grass (which is turned into silage). We have 150 lleyn sheep to assist us with grass management. We are proud of the work we have done to create wild flower meadows, wild flower hedge boundaries and in turn this has led to an abundance of many wild native animals, birds and insects on the farm. We have a secret barn owl study on the farm so you never know what you might see! We look forward to sharing this special part of the Hampshire Downlands with you.

School Visits

We work with The Country Trust to deliver farm visits on site for schools. The Country Trust works with teachers on curriculum links and then works with us to develop activities on the farm. We are proud to work with The Country Trust and improve learning within schools; children learn how and where their food is produced. They learn the seasons of our crops and how we look after our animals as well as an understanding of the food chain; from field to fork. As well as the curriculum links there are huge benefits for children visiting the farm. It is truly magical watching children in open green space running about; learning about nature, farming and the great outdoors. The children love their experience and we so enjoy having them here. If you would like to bring a group here for a school visit or a group of children for a visit – please contact camping@holdenfarm.co.uk.

Barn Store

hf_also-on-the-farm_3On the FarmOur on-site independent, family run 24 hour access self-storage business. We rent private self-storage facilities for your storage needs; moving house, redecorating, space shortage. For more information visit www.barn-store.co.uk.

North Motor Company

hf_also-on-the-farm_4A family business with over 30 years experience in all aspects of vehicle servicing and repair. Fully equipped to deal with routine servicing and repairs on all makes of car and light vans with an MOT testing facility on site. The mechanics at North Motor Company are very experienced; you are assured of a warm welcome and highly professional and friendly service.  Why not book your car in while you are staying and not needing the car.  www.northmotor.co.uk.

Mill Farm Trees

hf_also-on-the-farm_5Your one stop shop for all your native hedging plants and high quality trees, specialising in supplying healthy, vigorous young plants that are particularly suited to the UK climate, whether native or ornamental. We ensure that we collate your orders to meet your individual requirements, and have them ready either for collection or delivery to suit your planting schedule with the best service possible. www.millfarmtreeswinchester.co.uk.

Gemini Landscapes

hf_also-on-the-farm_6Gemini’s team of skilled and experienced landscapers combine vast experience with youthful enthsiasm as well as creative design expertise with pratical working know-how. The team have a proven track record of transforming all manner of gardens into stunning spaces, often taking unused or difficult areas and modelling them into functional and attractive family amenities. Call them to discuss your landscape/gardening needs; www.geminilandscapes.com.