Holden Farm

The farm is a predominantly arable farm. We grow crops including wheat, barley, oilseed rape, linseed and grass (which is turned into silage). We have 150 lleyn sheep to assist us with grass management. We are proud of the work we have done to create wild flower meadows and wild flower hedge boundaries, in turn, this has led to an abundance of many wild native animals, birds and insects on the farm. We have a secret barn owl study on the farm so you never know what you might see! We look forward to sharing this special part of the Hampshire Downlands with you.

Family History

The Corbett family are guardians of Holden Farm and have been for over 100 years. Currently it is run by Charlie and Susie Corbett with their daughter Becca.

The farm has seen many changes over the years. It is said that the name Holden derived from ‘Holding’ – the farm was originally a holding place for animals heading to market in Alresford. One of the principal trades in Alresford during the Middle Age was wool and Alresford’s wide streets made an ideal place to trade livestock. The Alresford Sheep Fair was an integral part of the local economy only to die out before WW1.

After this the Corbett family have been in residence. The farm was originally home to a full time dairy herd, over 400 lambing ewes and even Wild Boar cross Tamworth pigs. However, for many reasons, the farm has diversified to what you see today.

Rural Responsibility

We are a working farm and therefore we ask you to respect that. Please ensure you pick up all litter and use the bins provided. Dogs must be kept on leads as chickens are free range.   During particularly hot periods, there is a risk of crops catching fire, so we may ask you to refrain from having campfires.  Our livestock often move around the farm and you may wish to help; if you are here for such an opportunity we welcome all assistance but please follow instructions. During the summer months the farm is full of activity with Harvest – watch out for farm machinery! Please leave no trace as after the season the field returns to a home for our sheep.

Winchester Downs Cluster

We are delighted to be a part of the Winchester Downs Cluster. There are 6 Cluster groups in the South Downs National Park and each group brings together a group of farmers and landowners in an area working together for landscape, habitat and biodiversity benefits on a scale that couldn’t be achieved by working alone.

At Holden Farm we have always been passionate about our wildlife and by being part of the Cluster we can share our work with the wider public with the assistance of the South Downs National Park.

The focus of the Winchester Downs Cluster is within the key areas of arable, grassland, woodland, rivers and the community. Part of promoting the farmed environment involves promoting iconic species that benefit from a healthy farmed environment. The Winchester Downs Cluster has decided to focus on the habitat and well being of the Lapwing, Grey Partridge and Barn Owl.

You will notice at Holden Farm that we have beautiful wild flower meadows and hedgerows which have encouraged many butterflies, bees and other insects.

We actively ask our campers to look out for wildlife as we have a small number of Barn Owls on site, a growing population of bats as well as hedgehogs, deer and other wildlife.

Please let us know if you see anything as we like to keep a record of all sightings!

School Visits

We work with The Country Trust to deliver farm visits on site for schools. The Country Trust works with teachers on curriculum links and then works with us to develop activities on the farm. We are proud to work with The Country Trust and improve learning within schools; children learn how and where their food is produced. They learn the seasons of our crops and how we look after our animals as well as an understanding of the food chain; from field to fork. As well as the curriculum links there are huge benefits for children visiting the farm. It is truly magical watching children in open green space running about; learning about nature, farming and the great outdoors. The children love their experience and we so enjoy having them here. If you would like to bring a group here for a school visit or a group of children for a visit – please contact camping@holdenfarm.co.uk.

Boot Camp

Winchester Fit Club Presents Boot Camp
Sundays  10am-11am
£5 per session
All welcome

About Us
Winchester Fit Club aims to work holistically with individuals on their wellbeing both in terms of exercise and nutrition to ensure that personal results are surpassed at the same time as meeting new people and adding a socially interactive day to your diary!

Our Ethos
We pride ourselves on bringing the community together and the inclusion of everyone, so even if you come along on your own, you can be certain of a warm welcome and to thoroughly enjoy being in the company of our amazing Fit Clubbers.

Fit Club for all
It doesn’t matter your ability, size or age, you can work at your own pace and there will always be someone else at your level so you’ll never feel isolated.

What to bring
Bring a water bottle with you so that you can stay hydrated throughout the workout. Wear comfortable sportswear and suitable footwear for workout.

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